Ongoing Research

“Ethnic Conflict and the Limits of Nonviolent Resistance” (working paper)
“Wars Within Wars: Understanding Inter-rebel Fighting” (book)
(With Laia Balcells) “Do Opposites Attract? Marxism, Ethno-nationalism, Islamism, and Rebel Alliances”  (working paper presented at multiple conferences)
(With Manuel Vogt) “Religion and the Nation: How the Struggle for Self-Determination Fuels Religious Violence” (working paper presented at multiple conferences)
“Competition Neglect and the Puzzle of Preventive Wars that Weren’t” (draft)
(With Andrew Cheon and Sara Moller) “Can You Have It Both Ways? Covert Action, Plausible Deniability and Coercive Effectiveness” (draft)
(With Andrea Gilli and Muro Gilli) “The Other Side of COIN: Insurgent Firepower and Counterinsurgency Outcomes” (draft)
(With Massimo Morelli) “Peace Pipes? Natural Resources, Pipelines and Conflict” (draft)